Totalpolicy specialises in working with leadership teams and Boards in medium and large charities and charitable funders

Totalpolicy creates thinking space so that you can find solutions where you were previously stuck

Using the wisdom that comes from having led complex organisations, Totalpolicy's tools don't just look good on paper they work in practice.  

Each Totalpolicy solution is unique: if you have a project in mind or are unsure where to start on a programme of change simply get in touch by emailing Katherine Rake or calling her on 07939 257040.

The Totalpolicy team

Katherine Rake

Katherine Rake is the Founder of Totalpolicy. She draws on many years as a charity Chief Executive and Trustee and her experience working across local and national government and in academia.

“I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to find the time and space to think about the long term . That is why I set up Totalpolicy.

I support organisations to rediscover their core purpose. Using tried and tested methods,  I help you realise your organisation's full potential as a force for social change.”

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Katherine rake

Katherine rake

serena verdenicci

serena verdenicci

Serena Verdenicci

Serena Verdenicci is an Associate Researcher. Serena uses her extensive research expertise to help Totalpolicy clients draw on new and innovative practice, helping them to keep ahead of the curve.

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Virginia Grace

Virginia Grace is a Senior Associate. Virginia’s extensive financial and corporate management expertise is put to use helping Totalpolicy clients plan and get the most from their resources.

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virginia grace

virginia grace