In a time when people’s lives are changing rapidly it can be a struggle to develop good insight into the lives of the people you serve

Without a solid evidence base, assumptions and stereotypes can take hold

Totalpolicy helps you gain fresh insight into the diverse lives of people who use your services and find effective ways of involving and engaging them.

Many charities want not only to understand their beneficiaries but to involve them in decision making and in the design of charity products and services.

Totalpolicy will help you develop insight into your beneficiaries and design a way for you to involve them by:

  • Reviewing your existing approach to beneficiary involvement and benchmarking it against practice across the social sector

  • Clarifying why you are involving beneficiaries and advising on the tools that would work for the job

  • Analysing the data you already hold on beneficiaries and identifying ways of getting this data to work harder for you

  • Advising on the changes in culture, capacity and capability that will help you take your next step


"The Health Foundation has a long-standing commitment to patient and public involvement and we knew that there were pockets of good practice scattered across our organisation. 

Our challenge was to understand how to systematise our approach, challenge ourselves to innovate and experiment and also establish when involvement was not the right thing to do. 

We engaged Totalpolicy to undertake a rapid review of our work in this area and propose options for extending our practice. Katherine quickly cut through the complexity and got to the heart of the challenge we faced. She uncovered strengths in our current work and proposed ways for us to build upon these strengths as we developed our future plans. This meant that our next steps felt both concrete and achievable and something that staff from across the organisation could sign up to.

anita charlesworth CBE, CHief Economist, the health foundation

anita charlesworth CBE, CHief Economist, the health foundation

Her approach was refreshingly straightforward and pragmatic. Bringing in an outside perspective was enormously valuable to us and we now have a plan for the organisation that feels achievable and stretching."

Anita Charlesworth, Chief Economist, The Health Foundation

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