Brexit and a narrow parliamentary majority have dramatically shrunk the time the UK Government can dedicate to policy

At the same time, power is shifting to the four nations and devolved regions while social media opens up public debate in a new and unexpected way

This unfamiliar environment, combined with the constraints of the Lobbying Act, means that charities must adjust how they work so that they can be a powerful voice for change.

How Totalpolicy helps you create campaigns with impact

Built on experience of working inside government and running successful charity campaigns, Totalpolicy will help you to:

  • Build a powerful case for change and develop a solid evidence base drawing together insights from across your charity’s work

  • Ensure your beneficiaries shape your work and priorities and their voices are heard in your campaigns

  • Identify the solutions you are seeking and who you need to influence to make change happen

  • Develop campaign plans that define success, allowing you to change tactics quickly as the environment changes


"Scope recently embarked on a new, ambitious strategy, which has policy influencing and research at its heart. I originally contacted Totalpolicy to help bring common purpose to my brand new team.

Over six months, Katherine facilitated a series of workshops that helped shape and share our plans as well as upskilling the team and sharing new policy techniques and frameworks drawn from her extensive experience. 

Katherine has naturally adopted a role as coach to me, providing both strategic input and personal encouragement."


Anna bird, Executive Director, Policy and Research, Scope

Anna bird, Executive Director, Policy and Research, Scope

"I have valued the judgment, flexibility, honesty and sheer effort that Totalpolicy has put into this work.

As a result of this work, we now have many of the tools we need to deliver on our ambitious vision for policy and research at Scope. "


Anna Bird, Executive Director Policy and Research, Scope