I'm on the lookout for great examples

Have your beneficiaries shaped your thinking, prioritised your work and sharpened your impact? If so, I want to hear from you.

For charities and public services, there is enormous value in creating a live conversation with your beneficiaries. Engagement and involvement are the flavour of the day, and there are many examples out there of how individual services have been re-designed to better support users' needs.

But I am on the lookout for something a bit different. I would like to add to my database (yes, I have one!) great examples of organisations who engage beneficiaries in their early thinking. Organisations who involve their users in solving on the problems they have prioritising their resources or deciding a focus for their work. I am on the lookout for organisations who have been unafraid to go to their users with an open book, and ask them "What really needs to change in the way we work for you to get what you need?

One of the challenges is that lots of the great practice is not written down - busy organisations change their practice and then move on, with the result that the value of their learning is lost to others in the field. I am trying to change this.

So please send through examples of why you started a new conversation with your users, how you set about having a t of dialogue and the impact it had on your organisation. I will then share back what I find.



Katherine Rake