The reality for charities is that efforts are easily diverted into multiple stand-alone projects, with staff bogged down in old ways of working

Developing a strategy that guides you safely into the future as well as informing your daily decisions is critical

Totalpolicy will help you tackle what can seem like an overwhelming task and design a bespoke strategy process that;

  • Turns your strategy development into bite-size chunks, each with a clear timeline and budget 

  • Involves Board, staff, stakeholders and beneficiaries in a creative way 

  • Brings fresh perspective on your core purpose and an understanding of the changes and opportunities you have ahead 

  • Provides the tools to make strategy flow into people’s daily decisions and work priorities 



"Healthwatch England headed up a network of over 150 organisations, large and small, some with a long history and others brand new. 

I was acutely aware that our reputation could be affected by decisions taken in offices from the Isles of Scilly to inner city Lambeth.  

Katherine quickly understood the need to build a common purpose, so that Healthwatch across the country would want to come back to us time and again. She designed a process of carefully engaging people, celebrating their successes and co-creating practical tools that helped them do their job."

ANNa bradley

ANNa bradley

"Katherine’s leadership played a key role in taking what was a high-risk task, some argued an impossible one, and turn it into a great success"




Anna Bradley, Former Chair Healthwatch England