Charities can feel caught in a relentless cycle of chasing funding

Punishing deadlines for funding bids and tenders mean that there is scant time to analyse whether your organisation is responding to the right opportunities 

Totalpolicy will take a step back from this cycle and ensure your efforts are spent developing the relationships and funding streams that support your core purpose

Totalpolicy’s support will help you:

  • Make sense of the changing external environment and new commissioning and funding opportunities

  • Develop the right partnerships with other charities and commissioners that ensure you secure the funding you need for the long term

  • Make sure you don't fall into the trap of chasing growth for the sake of it, ensuring that your plans are realistic and sustainable


Dallas pounds, CEO Royal trinity hospice

Dallas pounds, CEO Royal trinity hospice

"The senior team at Royal Trinity Hospice needed to get the very best from our relationship with local Clinical Commissioning Groups. Katherine spent time really getting to understand us and design a solution that would help us move forward rapidly.

Totalpolicy's expert facilitation gave the senior team the thinking space to look afresh at the issue. It was soon apparent why we had “got stuck” in our thinking and it was great to see my team come up with a range of creative solutions so quickly. 

Support from Totalpolicy helped us focus on what we want to achieve as an organisation. This has already led to a new and much more constructive dialogue with commissioners and with Trustees about the future of the organisation. We now have a shared understanding across the senior team about the challenges ahead." 


Dallas Pounds, CEO of Royal Trinity Hospice