Testimonials for Totalpolicy

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Nigel Pantling, Fight for Sight

Nigel Pantling, Fight for Sight

“Fight for Sight’s new strategy is about getting the most impact from our funding of eye research.

We needed time for Board and Executive to think about how we make this happen and the choices we have ahead.

Katherine worked very closely with us to design an awayday that was stretching but also realistic. I was impressed by how she got under the skin of the organisation and teased out the most critical questions.

The day was a great success: it enabled everyone to contribute, we got to know each other better and we also had fun along the way. We now have the clarity and cohesion to take our next big step.
— Nigel Pantling, Chair of Trustees, Fight for Sight

Anna Bird, Scope

Anna Bird, Scope

Scope recently embarked on a new, ambitious strategy, which has policy influencing and research at its heart. I originally contacted Totalpolicy to help bring common purpose to my brand new team.

Over six months, Katherine facilitated a series of workshops that helped shape and share our plans as well as upskilling the team and sharing new policy techniques and frameworks drawn from her extensive experience.

Katherine has naturally adopted a role as coach to me, providing both strategic input and personal encouragement.

I have valued the judgment, flexibility, honesty and sheer effort that Totalpolicy has put into this work. As a result of this work, we now have many of the tools we need to deliver on our ambitious vision for policy and research at Scope.
— Anna Bird, Executive Director Policy and Research, Scope

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Nicola Pollock, John Ellerman Foundation

Nicola Pollock, John Ellerman Foundation

“I approached Katherine to help us engage some of our stakeholders in developing our strategic thinking. As a grant making trust, the John Ellerman Foundation wants to make the most of its assets and support organisations in the best possible way.

Katherine offered an informed perspective on our work and did a magnificent job drawing out and managing a very interesting discussion with key stakeholders. She brought just the right combination of structure while enabling them to think freely and speak openly about our approach.

This work has really helped inform our own thinking, sharpened our strategic aims and helped take our grant guidelines to the next stage.
— Nicola Pollock, Director, John Ellerman Foundation

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Anita Charlesworth, The Health Foundation

Anita Charlesworth, The Health Foundation

The Health Foundation has a long-standing commitment to patient and public involvement and we knew that there were pockets of good practice scattered across our organisation.

Our challenge was to understand how to systematise our approach, challenge ourselves to innovate and experiment and also establish when involvement was not the right thing to do.

We engaged Totalpolicy to undertake a rapid review of our work in this area and propose options for extending our practice. Katherine quickly cut through the complexity and got to the heart of the challenge we faced. She uncovered strengths in our current work and proposed ways for us to build upon these strengths as we developed our future plans. This meant that our next steps felt both concrete and achievable and something that staff from across the organisation could sign up to.

Her approach was refreshingly straightforward and pragmatic. Bringing in an outside perspective was enormously valuable to us and we now have a plan for the organisation that feels achievable and stretching.
— Anita Charlesworth, Chief Economist, The Health Foundation

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Dallas Pounds, Trinity Hospice

Dallas Pounds, Trinity Hospice

The senior team at Royal Trinity Hospice needed to get the very best from our relationship with local Clinical Commissioning Groups. Katherine spent time really getting to understand us and design a solution that would help us move forward rapidly.

Totalpolicy’s expert facilitation gave the senior team the thinking space to look afresh at the issue. It was soon apparent why we had “got stuck” in our thinking and it was great to see my team come up with a range of creative solutions so quickly.

Support from Totalpolicy helped us focus on what we want to achieve as an organisation. This has already led to a new and much more constructive dialogue with commissioners and with Trustees about the future of the organisation. We now have a shared understanding across the senior team about the challenges ahead.
— Dallas Pounds, CEO of Royal Trinity Hospice

Anna Bradley

Anna Bradley

Healthwatch England headed up a network of over 150 organisations, large and small, some with a long history and others brand new.

I was acutely aware that our reputation could be affected by decisions taken in offices from the Isles of Scilly to inner city Lambeth.

Katherine quickly understood the need to build a common purpose, so that Healthwatch across the country would want to come back to us time and again. She designed a process of carefully engaging people, celebrating their successes and co-creating practical tools that helped them do their job.

Katherine’s leadership played a key role in taking what was a high-risk task, some argued an impossible one, and turn it into a great success.
— Anna Bradley, Healthwatch England (Former Chair)